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Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Services

Pushpa Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is one of the highly regarded healthcare brands in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that provides the highest-quality medicine formulations manufactured using cutting-edge technologies and vital resources by highly qualified people in accordance with the standards of health organizations. With its own WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility in India, Pushpa Pharmaceuticals is a well-known ISO-certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company.

We are a well-established third party pharma manufacturing company in India. We are connected to India's top distribution networks, which enable us to deliver all manufactured products on schedule. Our WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing Plant in India is enormous and conducts rigorous processes every day with the assistance of professionals in each area. As a reputable third-party pharma manufacturer in India, we continuously develop new molecules, products and services for our business and partners by utilizing our reasonably priced third-party manufacturing services.

Listed below are some of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing services offered by Pushpa Pharmaceuticals:

  • Pharmaceutical Tablets
  • Pharmaceutical Capsules
  • Pharmaceutical Injectables
  • Pharmaceutical Liquids
  • Dry Syrups
  • Pediatric Drops
  • Cosmetic Range
  • Topical Preparations
  • Medicinal Shampoo
  • Protein Powder
  • Eye Drops
  • Ear Drops
  • Ferrous Sulphate Tablets
  • Folic Acid Tablets

Third-Party Manufacturing & Contract Manufacturing Services

Pushpa Pharma has manufacturing approvals for both non-beta-lactams and beta-lactams (full range antibiotics). We provide all manufacturing related services including private label manufacturing, custom formulation manufacturing and ODM manufacturers. Our world-class manufacturing facilities enable us to deliver high quality pharmaceuticals to our broad customer base. A number of pharmaceutical subsectors were discussed, including those related to dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, antidiabetics, antipyretics, antibacterials, anticold and neuro protectants.

Process Of Third-Party Contract Manufacturing At Pushpa Pharma

Third-party manufacturing is now a popular concept in many industries, but it is especially popular in the pharmaceutical industry and is gaining momentum among pharmaceutical professionals. This is easily possible, and many in the industry prefer to outsource the manufacturing of their products to third parties.

It enables companies and pharmaceutical professionals to manufacture products faster and more cost-effectively, and allows customers to focus their marketing efforts on their brand and business. Third-party manufacturing processes involve many processes, each step having its own set of process and control parameters. If you want to start doing business with third party manufacturers in India, you need to follow the steps outlined below.